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man's best friend

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I love Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite time of year and, well, I love food. As a vegetarian I especially love the fall harvest- squash, apples, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, turnips, beets, parsnips… I’d keep going, but I totally grossed my dad out at “brussels sprouts”. I love that Thanksgiving is a…

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meet mary grace…


new baby family session

Or should I say, Mary Grace Jessica: the fourth Gorrell baby, my second niece and my namesake. I was finally able to meet her last weekend and couldn’t resist snapping a few photos! Mary is one month old, totally sweet and looks good naked. She enjoys sleeping, eating and pooping, and is loved by everyone she…

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…and baby makes SIX


lifestyle maternity photo shoot

Six Gorrells, that is! Yesterday my sister gave birth to the beautiful Mary Grace Jessica Gorrell. That’s right… BabyNumberFour shares my namesake. It could only mean trouble. I wanted to share with you the last photos I took of the three Gorrell girls… When Ellie climbed into the car to go to the hospital, she…

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scott antique market // retail


antique furniture greenville, sc

Hello dears! Phew, things have been crazy around here! Last weekend, Neil and I had a booth at Scott Antique Market, a monthly show in Atlanta with over 3000 booth spaces. We have been to the show before as shoppers, but this was our first time exhibiting. We will have a booth again at November’s show,…

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A Darling Day at Indie Craft Parade | Greenville, SC


shop local screen printed bag

I was greeted by a LOVELY email this morning- A Darling Day has been accepted to the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville again this year! Last year’s show was so much fun, and I feel blessed to be a part of it again. The organizers and their wonderful staff of volunteers were so friendly and helpful…

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